Below is a list of things to do while I’m alive. I’m working my way up to 100, but hey, sometimes great ideas come slowly. I got the idea from It’s been inspiring to watch her slowly check things off her list (with the help of some corporate sponsors, no less!) But what inspired me most is how she described her list as not being so much a “To Do” list as much as it is a collection of events and experiences that she wants to build her life around. So, that is why I will refer to it as my Life List instead of a Bucket List. I’ll post updates on my progress as we go along!

Oh, and please note that these are in no particular order!! I just numbered them to keep track of how many items I listed.

1-Make homemade ice cream

2-Help paint a mural in Philly

3-Attend the Sundance film festival

4-Take a pottery class

5-See the Northern Lights

6-Watch Star Wars Episode VI in a theatre (or comparable classic film)

7-Grow a garden of ingredients for salad and grandma’s spaghetti sauce

8-Grow my own herbs (cilantro, basil, oregano)

9-Own a Great Dane

10-Rescue a greyhound

11-Take a mule ride into the Grand Canyon

12-Set foot in the Pacific Ocean

13-See the sunset in Santorini, Greece

14-Take James to St. Anton, Austria

15-Live in India for 6 months as a Begunpur villager

16-Give a violin recital @ Great Grammie’s nursing home

17-Play Lark Ascending with a live orchestra

18-Write a successful grant for $10,000 or more

19-Hold a baby lion cub

20-Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Sydney, Australia

21-Make 100 lunches for the homeless guy I see twice a week

22-Grow a magnolia tree

23-Spend a week in Rome; visit the catacombs & that church made of bones

24-Learn how to drive our VW bus

25-Drive the VW bus to California

26-Visit 50 national parks

27-Have something I wrote published

28-Make a professional photo book of James’ photography

29-Keep a consistent blog

30-Keep up with a pen pal

31-Attend a talk by Cesar Millan, have him sign a book

32-Ride a camel around the pyramids in Egypt

33-Hear Itzhak Perlman live again

34-Visit my sponsored children in Haiti

35-Bake 10 different kinds of bread

36-Make a successful cheesecake