So, I couldn’t think of an antonym for “hibernation.” Suggestions in the comment section, please.

I had the chance to hang out with two sweet friends from college, and in passing one asked if my neighbors were back out (in reference to the extended winter hibernation). The answer? YES.

In full force, my friends.

I found it a bit of a shock at first; it was the kind of transition that makes you miss the stage you’ve just left. The quieter, simpler stage. Oh sure, there were freezing temperatures, frigid walks with the dog (3x a day!), unplowed streets, and that time Dave got his truck stuck in the middle of the road when I had to go work. Ahem.

But summer in the city? Is nuts! It took me awhile to appreciate the blaring music, screaming children, and wafting aromas of 
semi-legal substances in the air. Oh, and the off-leash dogs (my new pet peeve. Get it??)

Now that the transition is complete, I’m feeling more appreciative. To go a bit further, I have to say I love my crazy, mixed-up, depressing & hopeful community. I like that CK (the Pirate) sets up his shop and huge amps blaring 70s R&B music at the end of the block. I like that my neighbors sit together on a stoop in the evenings, drinking and smoking casually together. I like that the children are running around in the street, playing outside and draining some energy. Philadelphia is a city that doesn’t hide its emotions for better or worse; it is obvious that people are more congenial simply because the weather is gentler. It’s a basic fact we’re not ashamed to admit.

It’s spring. We’re happy.