Now, there is a whole long, drawn out drama between the time we visited the dog and the time we actually picked him up from the shelter. But the more I think about it, the more I think it would be totally boring to read about. Let’s just say it took about a month to come to fruition. 

We had visited him a second time, and this time (less blinded by the cuteness factor and the pressure to make the drive “worth it”) I started noticing some of his quirks in a different light. Patch was found as a stray and this gave him some particular characteristics. He was always alert. He was not big on affection. He didn’t play. He most likely had never lived in a home, so who could tell how he would behave in new environs. Around furniture. When he had to pee.

I think it’s safe to say James was at this point, attached. It was freezing outside so I mostly stood around trying to keep warm while James took the leash, running and walking Patch around the field. And there I went again with this imagination of mine, and for some reason I had this moment of perfect clarity. I could see how much work this dog was going to be- he wasn’t used to depending on other animals or people for his survival. Leash work, obedience training, and (shudder) housebreaking were just a few of the things that would take constant work for awhile. 

That’s when my shriveled little heart began to harden. And after that moment every time I looked at that dog, my mind said “No.”

It just wasn’t something I wanted to do.

Thus began the first major disagreement of our young marriage. Not bad, right?? Seriously, this was the first time we had held strongly opposing viewpoints for longer than oh, a couple of hours. People, this lasted for days. It wasn’t filled with pleading our cases or nagging or inventing schemes for getting the other to budge. It was filled with total silence on the subject, waiting for one of us to finally announce we had Changed Our Mind.

In the end, James had made up a plan for when we would fit walks and obedience sessions in our day. He reminded me that we both really wanted a dog. He told me how much he liked this dog, and welcomed the challenge and opportunity to rescue a dog and rehabilitate it so it can have a happy and balanced life. I felt really encouraged by this. I really did want a dog and this dog was perfect for us in many ways. I knew James and I would go into this as a team and we had the tools and knowledge to raise this dog successfully. So we agreed.

We would get the dog.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode – – “You Can’t Backpedal on a Rollercoaster”