Hello All,

I’ve been working on some changes around here and am finally ready for a re-launch of sorts. New features will include regular updating and 2 new series (3rd to be added later) to the general topics already discussed here. 

New Feature #1: Journey with Julius, all about life with our mutt. Please expect an emotional rollercoaster and obsessive references to “calm assertive energy.” This series will update with a new post every Wednesday.

New Feature #2: Life List. I wrote what is essentially a bucket list (but life list sounds so much more positive, don’t you think?) As I work on the items on my list, I’ll update with a new post on Fridays.

Pending Feature #3: Current Events. Part of my post-grad life has consisted of listening to waaay too much NPR. I plan on periodically picking a current event or tidbit and sharing my thoughts about it here. Not sure if this will be a feature that is updated weekly, though.

Also sometime in the future I would LOVE to have guest writers to share about whatever interesting thing they happen to be doing in whatever interesting place they happen to be living!

As always I’ll be sure to write weekly about our day-to-day experience living in South Philly.
So there’s the update, please enjoy and feel free to stop by regularly. This time I’ll hold up my end of the bargain!