Now, before we get started, you may think I’m being slightly overzealous with the title of this post, but it must be said that I did not make up the term! As if housing thousands of different varieties of plants and trees and all manner of growing things in a giant glass mansion wasn’t cool enough, the Conservatory at Longwood Gardens named this special exhibit ‘ORCHID EXTRAVAGANZA’!

Which saved me a bit of work making up a post title, I must say.

Moving on– James and I had been planning on visiting the gardens for awhile, and took advantage of our free weekend last week to check it out.

It was wonderful. I had a moment, staring across a green field of grass surrounded by perfectly tended blooms, warmed by the sunbeams slanting through the glass ceiling. I thought to myself, ‘Dear Lord, why did I not come here sooner???’ To think that all this time, throughout this cold, grey, snowy winter, as I trudged through dirty snowbanks with an equally dirty dog, here was this oasis! This verdant paradise! This sumptuously fragranced other-word-for-oasis!

I’ll work on the synonyms, ok?

Now, I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. These aren’t orchids! But they are lovely, no? I loved how through a combination of their color and shape, these flowers look so genuinely happy.

I wanted to name this one Alfonso. I think it’s the mustache. 

More pictures, here