Hey all,

Just wanted to quickly note that NO I am not currently letting this blog die in a wordless vacuum like I did with the last 2, it has just been a very, very Weird Week. Between working my at-home job, driving to Allentown (1.5 hrs) for teacher training, driving to Moorestown for teacher observations (30 mins), having friends over, and navigating a dubious maze of diplomacy efforts with various neighbors, I have had much to write about and no idea where to start. It’s kind of like, if we were characters on the Sims, instead of a green diamond above our heads indicating our mood, we would have a giant question mark, and maybe our heads would be cocked a little to the side like a puppy. Yeah. It’s been kinda like that.

Anyway, I plan on sorting that out shortly, so kindly stay tuned for a couple of riveting posts. I’m hoping for some real firey commentroversy on these ones people, so get those heated opinions & vague scholarly references ready!