Q: If a girl starts 2 blogs in the past and lets them slowly die in a vacuum of wordless silence, does the third stand any chance of surviving?

A: Probably not, but here I am anyway.

My husband and I are living in South Philly; James since mid-July and myself since our wedding day, August 1. So far it has been fun, frustrating, surprising, joyful, sketchy, and weird. 

For those of you who know the area (or enjoy Google maps), we live close to the intersection of 20th & Morris. This residential area isn’t known for much, save its proximity to the sports stadiums and low-income population. 

Probably the most frequent question we get is something along the lines of “Oh! How are you liking that neighborhood?” There are several variations. None have been rude, but all of these comments hint at several emotions and mindsets that are in many ways justified.

But it’s for all those other ways that I’m writing this blog; the ways in which South Philly proclaims itself as more than just another so-called “ghetto” area, just another dead-end neighborhood. I’m writing to shed light on what it’s really like to really live here; I’m writing to make sense of our journey as we approach South Philly with something a little less like fear, a little more like love.